The Business Kung Fu training course and Kung Fu groups come as a package. Kung Fu Groups are monthly facilitated group coaching sessions. These groups either meet face to face or online (using video conferencing).

The power of a group – To truly unleash the potential of Business Kung Fu, you need a group of peers to meet with monthly for support, encouragement and accountability. These groups are facilitated by a master facilitator/coach. The group and the coach will help you apply the Business Kung Fu principles and skills in your business by providing a structure for implementation and measurement. They will help keep you on track by providing affirmation, equipping and empowerment. There is something powerful about training with others.

Expert coaches – Your Business Kung Fu facilitator is an expert coach they will use a combination, of training, coaching and mentoring to help you grow your business. You can also call upon them outside of the Kung Fu meeting as needed (at a special discounted rate). Having an expert on speed dial can be invaluable.


For years I have wanted to help more business owners, but my time and capacity as a consultant has been limited. With Business Kung Fu my desire is to help as many businesses succeed as possible. I also know that the businesses that need this the most must make the most of their cash. That is why we have priced Business Kung Fu affordably.

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Business kung fu is a solution that provides small business owners (the SBA defines a small business as less than 250 employees) with practical entrepreneurship and enterprise training in the form a of a video entrepreneurship course, a ceo peer group network, monthly group coaching (face to face or online) and online collaboration. The groups are run by an expert business coach, but there is also a lot of peer coaching. You will learn small business marketing, small business finance, keys to small business innovation, how to build a team for your business, customer acquisition, sales, executive effectiveness, how to build sustainable competitive advantage and much more. we also have opportunities for small business coaches who want to facilitate a business kung fu group. Ideal candidates have business training a decade of experience running a small business or consulting with small businesses.

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