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Of the 27 million businesses in the US, statistically only 5% ever grow! Learn how to break through this invisible growth barrier!

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of business owners. After a while you begin to see patterns. Most of the things that cause businesses to fail outright or fail to scale (grow) are both predictable and preventable.

Most businesses fail outright. Over 70% fail in 10 years, but what is even more alarming is the number who fail to scale (or grow) into mature enterprises. About 80% of the 27 million businesses in the US have no employees (just the owner). Less than 10% of all businesses have more than 5 employees, and less than 5% have more than 10 employees, and less than 2% have more than 100 employees.

Business owners are my favorite kind of people – I love your courage, I love the way you are all in – but I also know your heartache! When a business fails, dreams are shattered. Like I said earlier It doesn’t have to be that way.

Why do businesses fail? Research shows it is a lack of experience and know-how – again predictable and preventable in most cases. You just need to develop your enterprise building skill set. How will you know what is truly essential and what is window dressing?

Kung Fu (Chinese) = Skill Mastery

Even though we associate the word Kung Fu with the martial art. It really just means skill mastery. A great chef would have cooking kung fu – A great guitarist would have music Kung Fu, and someone who has mastered the knowledge, skills and behaviors associated with building a business has Business Kung Fu™. But hey, I loved watching the Kung Fu shows when I was a kid – so that’s cool too!

Minimum Enterprise Competence™

This is what sets growing businesses apart from the 95% who never do! Enterprise Competence is my term for the knowledge skills and behaviors associated with building a business! It’s also the name of my online course that is specially
designed to teach you how to build business after business.

Business Kung Fu Includes:

  • Why This Series?
  • Business Model Design
  • Getting the Herd Out of Your Head
  • Building Systems and People
  • Discovery/Design Dilemma
  • Functional Teams
  • KPIs and Measurement
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Leverage Points and TOC
  • Finance Fundamentals – Unit
  • Economics
  • Finance Fundamentals – Income Statement
  • Finance Fundamentals – Balance Sheet
  • Finance Fundamentals – Cash Flow
  • The Money Matrix
  • 5S’s – Systematic Innovation
  • Customer Acquisition 1
  • Customer Acquisition 2
  • Sales Leadership – A
  • Sales Leadership – B
  • Sales Leadership – C
  • The Marketing Message & Mix
  • Executive Effectiveness
  • Effective Meetings
  • Customer Service

More About Business Kung Fu

Your Promised Land (2:19)

Systems and People (0:44)

Getting the Herd Out of Your
Head – Sample (1:39)

About Jason Benedict

Jason is the creator of Business Kung Fu – His work over the last 20 years as an entrepreneur, investment professional, business coach/consultant and social entrepreneur has allowed him to work with hundreds of business owners and corporations domestically and internationally. His company Touchstone Business Solutions, has been helping business scale (grow) since 2009. He has launched 5 business incubator/accelerators, speaks at business events, and works as a Strategist with a major university entrepreneurship think tank.

“I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of business owners to help them fulfill their dreams, and I would love to help you as well!” – Jason

What People are Saying


“I love it”

“I am really enjoying the monthly training and meetings. The support and accountability is just what I needed!”

“Business Kung Fu has changed the way I look at Business. My focus has changed from just grinding along, to building systems and people... I would not be here without this.”

“Fantastic content, and amazing value”

“I really like the format and approach. I am amazed at all you've done here. Excellent...!”


Typically Business Kung Fu™ is the course + online collaboration + monthly small group coaching, but we do have options that allow you to just take the Minimum Enterprise Competence™ course as a stand alone.
Business Kung Fu™ touches on many of the same topics a university program would, but this is NOT AN ACADEMIC PROGRAM: it's a nitty-gritty, boots on the ground, real-world approach. This is not just theory it's an action learning system! Additionally, many college and university programs focus on management science for managers. This is for entrepreneurs and business owners who need to grow their business! Topics include Business Model Design, Levers and Priorities, Executive Effectiveness, Building Systems and People, Team-building, Competitive Advantage, Finance Fundamentals, Systematic Innovation, Marketing, Sales, Customer Acquisition, Customer Service and much, much more. Over 24 modules in total!
Business Kung Fu™ is for businesses from any sector, you name it! I developed this after working with hundreds of businesses from every sector.
Business Kung Fu™ is for going concern businesses (up and running). If all you have is a business idea, then the course would be of great for you, but you would need to actually launch your business prior to participating in a Kung Fu Group. Post-revenue (already have sales) startups are welcome in the groups.
I'm so confident that Business Kung Fu™ will change your business, that I offer a satisfaction or your money back Guarantee! contact us to learn more!
With regards to time, Business Kung Fu™ has a zero busy-work guarantee, everything you do is exactly what your should be doing to build your business! Business Kung Fu™ is affordable and is designed to quickly pay for itself as your business grows. contact us to learn more!

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Business kung fu is a solution that provides small business owners (the SBA defines a small business as less than 250 employees) with practical entrepreneurship and enterprise training in the form a of a video entrepreneurship course, a ceo peer group network, monthly group coaching (face to face or online) and online collaboration. The groups are run by an expert business coach, but there is also a lot of peer coaching. You will learn small business marketing, small business finance, keys to small business innovation, how to build a team for your business, customer acquisition, sales, executive effectiveness, how to build sustainable competitive advantage and much more. we also have opportunities for small business coaches who want to facilitate a business kung fu group. Ideal candidates have business training a decade of experience running a small business or consulting with small businesses.

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